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Язык: Английский
Тип: Аудио
Год издания: 2020
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Lazarus is 1906 short story by Leonid Andreyev. The story is a speculation about the life of the Biblical Lazarus after Jesus brings him out of the tomb. And when the scarlet, flattened globe would lower, Lazarus would set out for the desert and walk straight toward the sun, as though striving to reach it. He always walked straight toward the sun and those who tried to follow him and to spy upon what he was doing at night in the desert, retained in their memory the black silhouette of a tall stout man against the red background of an enormous flattened disc. Other works of Andreyev's are Gubernator, Lazarus, King Hunger, The Seven That Were Hanged, and Anathema, on the futility of goodness. Andreyev also tried writing drama in 1905 and some of his more successful allegorical plays are The Life of Man and He Who Gets Slapped. Other plays are: To the Stars, Savva, The Life of Man, King Hunger, The Black Masks, The Days of Our Life, Anathema, Anfissa, Gaudeamus, The Ocean, «Honor», The Pretty Sabine Women, Professor Storitzyn, Catherine, and Thou Shalt Not Kill.

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